Student services and support programs


Learning support

At Gympie Central State School students who are identified by their classroom teacher as requiring further Learning support are referred to the Student Support Services Committee (SSS). Our SSS Committee is composed of the Principal, Support Teachers, SWD Teacher and Guidance Counsellor.  Class teachers will have implemented their own interventions and adjustments, and documented observations and results. Using this information the committee discusses individual cases, seeks further advice from relevant specialists and makes recommendations on the basis of this. Programs are then designed to meet the needs of individual students and are implemented by Classroom Teachers, Support Teachers and Teacher Aides in small group or one on one sessions. Sessions may be weekly or daily depending on the program and the students’ need. For more information see Teaching and Learning under the Curriculum tab.

Students with disabilities (SWD)

At Gympie Central State School we provide a range of supports and services for students with a Verified Disability. Classroom teachers are responsible for teaching all students in their class, with support from the SWD Teacher. The SWD teacher only works with students who have been verified by the Department of Education and Training (DET). Verification is the name of the process where DET determines whether a student’s disability meets the criteria in one or more of the categories listed below. Before Verification takes place, specialised assessment or diagnosis needs to occur through the Student Support Services Committee. Some assessment or diagnosis can be completed by school personnel and some needs to be completed by specialists outside the school. This is the first stage of the Education Adjustment Program.

Categories for verification are: 

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Intellectual Impairment (II)
  • Speech Language Impairment (SLI)
  • Hearing Impairment (HI)
  • Visual Impairment (VI)
  • Physical Impairment (PI).

The Education Adjustment Program (EAP) is the process used by the DET to identify and respond to the needs of students with disabilities. The EAP is a way of collecting information about the particular needs of students with disabilities.

As appropriate, our class teachers adjust their planning, teaching, assessing and reporting so students with disabilities can access the curriculum, achieve learning outcomes and fully participate in school life.  The SWD Teacher collaborates with Classroom Teachers and assists in designing curriculum that is flexible and responsive to the individual needs of the students.

Students who meet the criteria are supported by the SWD Teacher and Teacher Aides at scheduled times throughout the week.  In addition, if students require support from external services and are eligible, advisory services are available and accessed. These services include Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Language Therapy and Guidance Counselling.

Last reviewed 10 February 2020
Last updated 10 February 2020