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Teaching and learning

At Gympie Central we believe that every student has the capacity to succeed at school and become healthy, active citizens equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively participate in the community and economy. This approach will help us realise our vision of turning young children into lifelong learners….
Our school has three clearly defined priorities:
  1.       Reading
  2.       Numeracy
  3.       Writing
These areas are underpinned by a strong focus on school improvement and achieved through a highly skilled teaching team. Teachers at Gympie Central State School are equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively analyse and interpret student data and then use this to implement targeted teaching programs which address our students’ learning needs. The ability of our teachers to effectively navigate student data and respond to these needs in an engaging and deliberate way, allows us to address the three school priorities listed above.

Reading Programs

Our reading programs provide opportunities for both extension and intervention where necessary. We focus on our phonics program in the early years, and this helps our students develop the ability to read for understanding and comprehension in the upper years. Our Reading Support and Intervention Program adopts research-based practices that are carefully sequenced and structured to ensure our students can translate words on a page (decode) and transform spoken language into written text (encode or spell). The Reading Advancement and Extension Program provides our students with access to curriculum experts that will extend and challenge their current skills and abilities. 

Reading Support and Intervention

Students who are not meeting age appropriate reading levels are able to access our ‘Reading Support and Intervention Program’. We use ‘Daily Rapid Reader’ and ‘Reading Links’, which provide tailored one on one support to ensure students make literacy gains that allow them to more effectively access the curriculum. For more information please see the ‘Support & Services’ tab, or arrange to speak with one of our school’s curriculum leaders or support teachers.

Reading Advancement and Extension

Students who demonstrate significantly high reading levels are able to access our ‘Targeted Reading Advancement Program’. This provides small group, focused tuition to ensure that students are challenged in meaningful ways, and gain the opportunity to extend their knowledge and understanding of texts. For more information please see the ‘Support & Services’ tab, or arrange to speak with one of our school’s curriculum leaders or support teachers.


Gympie Central State School works with a cluster of other schools in the region forming the Gympie Maths Alliance. This group draws on regional expertise, and implements current research to facilitate the 4 strands of the Mathematics curriculum: Understanding, Fluency, Problem-solving and Reasoning. Schools collaborate to write ‘Show Me’ papers, which reflect the Australian Curriculum and act as a tool for diagnosing mathematical misconceptions. From here teachers work with the school’s curriculum leaders to implement engaging mathematical warm-ups and open ended tasks. These are designed to build students’ conceptual understanding and mastery in Mathematics.
As a result of the work we have conducted with partner schools in the field of Mathematics, Gympie Central State School was recently inducted as a Showcase Award Regional Winner for excellence.


Writing at Gympie Central is based on the ‘7 Steps to Writing Success’. This is a sequential, explicit writing program which involves the deliberate teaching of skills essential to effective writing of all kinds. Like Reading and Mathematics, our teachers carefully analyse children’s writing ability and skills in order to target their needs successfully.